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Forever we have been taught about this "box". Think outside of it, be different, stand out from the crowd... I think you get the picture. Even with all of this trendy advice businesses still seem to go back to the same well for the creative juices, all the while expecting a different result (you know, insanity).  It's time to pull from a different well of creativity. It's time to stop talking about a stupid box and start creating engaging ads, brands, and designs that sell and stand the test of time.

Lime is different, not a weird different, well maybe a little weird, but the good kind of weird. You know, the kind of weird people are drawn to and don't know why. Anyway, I digress...

Lime is made up of tattooed, coffee drinkers that live where your consumers live. We are in the trenches talking to them, going to concerts with them, working with them. We are not living it up in some gated community detached from the people you are trying to sell to.

Lime's owner has worked as a career firefighter for over two decades and still serves as a Lieutenant in Metro Atlanta. Our administrator served as a preschool teacher for over ten years and worked as an administrator for a downtown development authority. Two of our web designers and writers are enrolled full time in college in Nashville. When we say we are not your typical agency, we mean it, and you will love it. We are flexible, loyal, and determined. We are here to bring a fresh approach to your business, we are here to flavor your brand.





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